Attitude of Gratitude

I am generally what you would call a “glass half empty” kind of person.  Recently, a friend quipped that it’s not half empty — it’s just the wrong size glass.  And after some reflection, I think that actually nails it.  I think my glass is probably too big.  I expect too much from people.  Well…that’s isn’t exactly it either.  I WANT to expect more from people — all the while knowing that the bar is too high (and yes, I realize it raises the bar for myself exponentially).  And so, it sets up a cycle of expectations and disappointments until I finally just start bracing myself to be disappointed in hopes that I will be surprised.  And, for the record, I often am.

These past couple of days, I have been noticing a lot of “I’m grateful for…” posts on my facebook feed.  And, as much as it pains me to say…I think it’s a great idea.  You see, I’m not one to follow the crowd.  In fact, I tend to do the exact opposite of what the trend is.  While it would be easy (and perhaps entertaining) for me to post my pet peeve(s) of the day, I will spare you. 

My goal for this little project is to end the month with a clear picture that my glass is not half-empty.  And, it’s not the wrong size.  It’s actually a very large glass that overflows.

Since it’s November 3rd, I’ll start out with three

  • I’m grateful for my niece Madison, who celebrated her 11th birthday yesterday.  She is a beautiful young lady, whom I have loved watching grow up.  I miss her and her family a lot.
  • I’m grateful for my friend Darcy (for many reasons).  Today, it’s because she gave birth to her son Cameron on this day, 11 years ago.  He has been a loyal friend to Jake and I love they have the kind of friendship that transcends the miles between them.  I miss him and his family a lot as well.
  • Had I started this project on Nov 1st, this would have been my first post:  I’m grateful for my husband and that he loves me despite my short-comings.  I never dreamed I could have the kind of love we share.  In fact, I didn’t even know it existed.

Keep posting those grateful-isms.  I love seeing the simple ways in which our glasses are filled.


There are certain things I will never get tired of, living in the Nation’s Capital.  Coming out of the Smithsonian metro station and turning around to see the Washington Monument is one.  Visiting the Lincoln Memorial will never get old.  And, I will always get teary when I see the World War II Memorial. But days like today make me feel like a kid on Christmas morning.

This morning, the President will be speaking about his jobs plan.  Right across the street from my office building.  We recieved an email yesterday saying that there would be traffic delays and the street would be closed to pedestrian traffic for a time.  I made an effort to get to the office a little earlier than normal and took a few minutes to survey the scene.  Dump trucks are strategically parked on the Georgetown Waterfront, facing the river.  A giant American flag is hung behind the podium.  Key Bridge provides a beautiful backdrop on a stunning fall morning.  The President’s Own Marine Band is rehearsing.  The Secret Service is giving me the stink eye as I stand there with my mouth gaping open, taking a few pictures. 

It’s moments like this that I try to take in and savor. These are experiences that very few people have.  It’s not lost on me.  People around me are complaining about the President ruining their lunch plans.  But, I happen to think that it’s pretty stinking cool that he’ll be less than a block from my office entrance.