Project 366

Project 365 is a movement in which people exercise self-discipline by commiting to do something every day.  For many, it means they take and post a picture every day for a year.  This is a leap year, so there are actualy 366 days in the year.  I’m not promising that I’ll post a picture every day — or that I’ll even post a picture I took that day, but I will be posting more pictures because I think the saying is true — a pictures is worth a thousand words.  I have found that by looking at other people’s pictures, you begin to see the world in different ways.

This is one of my favorite pictures that I’ve ever taken.  I often joke that I’m late for work because I saw a picture that I just had to take.  This was taken on one of those days.  It was a beautiful, autumn morning.  The sun was coming up and the fog was dancing on the Potomac River.  I am standing in Georgetown Waterfront Park, looking toward Arlington, VA.

Fog on the Potomac