Why I’m With Her

This morning I donned my pantsuit and proudly cast my vote for Hillary. I wore a necklace, given to me by my grandmother who was born before women even had the right to vote. I did it for all of the women (and men) who fought for that right, but never realized it themselves. I voted for my cousin, whom I love fiercely but a large portion of society oppresses because of who she loves. I voted for my son who fights chronic disease and is afraid of not having health insurance. I voted for my husband, who represents decent men who would never dream of treating a woman with vulgar disrespect. I voted for everyone who’s ever had a free/reduced lunch and knows what government cheese is (and what it tastes like). I voted for everyone who needed a little help pulling up their bootstraps. I voted for everyone who’s ever had a dream and did not quit, no matter how impossible it seemed. I voted for everyone who has risen to the level of the bar that was set for them….especially those for whom nobody bothered to set a bar. I voted for women everywhere who experience misogyny and oppression in the workplace every day. I voted because I believe that all lives matter when black lives matter. I voted because in 1998, I suffered an ectopic pregnancy that, in a world where Roe v Wade didn’t exist, would have killed me. I voted for people who came to this country in pursuit of a dream, whether it was 200 years ago or 2 days ago. And, I voted for the people who serve and protect that dream.

And, that hardly scrapes the surface.

I also voted for you, dear ones, who disagree with me and my vote. Our country IS great because we have the freedom to choose our leaders and voice our opinions, and I do not believe that a Clinton administration threatens the values that make this American experiment unique and wonderful. I voted for you because I believe we all deserve a better president than the opposition would represent. But, make no mistake about it….my vote was for her and not against her opponent.

I’m with her because I’m with you.vote

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