I used to like you, Tim Tebow

It’s been several weeks since I have posted and honestly today probably isn’t the day I should be dipping my toes back in the proverbial water.  I’ve had a fever for over a week and cough so hard I nearly pee my pants.  So, I guess that can serve as a disclaimer — or a warning.

I don’t normally talk about work online, but for the purposes of this post, it helps to know what I do for a living.  I’ve been a media buyer for 20 years.  Basically, when you see a commercial on TV or hear one on the radio, somebody like me has purchased that airtime.   I’ve worked for a variety of different clients over the years, but most recently I’ve worked for a political firm.  We represent political candidates as well as political action committees (PACs).   So….those ads that you are so sick of?  Firms like mine make a living making sure those ads are on the air.   I’ve had people say some rotten things to me about what I do, but I am under no illusion that anything I do personally has any deciding factor in any election.  What I do know is that I’m good at my job and I work for a decent company run by good people.

Working in this business has made me a little cynical about…well, everything political.  It’s also taught me to take things with a grain of salt and find the humor in it all.  That’s been a survival tool on Facebook in recent weeks.  I’ve done my best to ignore things that I don’t agree with and not engage in “debates”.  I try not to post anything that will be personally offensive to anyone.  I admit that I did laugh at and share some memes that came out about binders full of women and horses and boyonets.  There are some seriously funny people out there.  I was AMAZED at how quickly this stuff hit the internet.

  • Via Imgur, http://imgur.com/P5mk7
    and my personal favorite:
    Dirty Dancing quote used in Binders Full of Women meme after second presidential debate (via MovieHumor/http://bit.ly/Wlg8fi)
    In my opinion, these are funny.  They poke fun at the candidates and expose how insane the whole election process has become.  And honestly, if we didn’t have a filter of snarkiness to view this all though, how would we ever survive it?
    What I don’t like is when these memes become personal.  They attack people for their beliefs and make assumptions about people based on their party affiliation.   And, they are usually wrong.  We all have a story that shapes our world view.  I became accustomed to just ignoring this stuff.  And, then last night this started showing up on my FB feed in various forms:
    I will be voting early today — for President Obama — but it won’t be because I don’t have a job.  It’ll be because I damn near killed myself working my ass of during this election season and I’m taking a few days off to try and recover from pneumonia.  Yeah, that’s me taking it a little more personally than I should.  And, you might be sitting there wondering about that sense of humor that I was talking about earlier.  I just don’t find this funny.  I find it mean and offensive.  And not true.  And, it’s honestly the first thing that has made me spitting mad during the last several weeks.
    You vote for your guy and I’ll vote for mine.  But, for the love of the America that our Founding Fathers fought for and dreamed of, don’t be a jerk.
    *Yes, I realize that @thetimmytebow is a parody account.  If I have to explain the title, you aren’t going to get it anyway.