Funny things kids say

Kids say the funniest things, don’t they?  Several of my friends have 2-3 year olds who are just starting to talk and express themselves.  They crack me up!  I have been meaning to write down some of the things Jake has said to me lately and decided to just put it here.

 Cuddling on the couch one day:

Me:  Jake, what I am I going to do when you don’t want to cuddle with me anymore?

J:  Mom, I will always want to cuddle with you…..

10 second pause

J:  Except when my wife is looking. 

Apparently, we’ve taught him well.

This past weekend, we were unloading a bunch of stuff at Goodwill.

J:  We used to go to Goodwill a lot, Mom.

Me:  I know.  We didn’t have very much money so we shopped at Goodwill more than we do now.

J:  And now, we just have a lot of stuff.


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