I got a new ‘do the other day. It was a long time coming and I spent way too much money….but I figure that I’ve probably saved enough in NOT getting my hair cut over the years to justify it. The stylist, “designer”, William sat down and talked to me about me and my daily routine to determine what style would be the easiest and most flattering – and most importantly, matched my personality. I felt like I was in an episode of “What Not to Wear” as he turned me around to see the new creation in the mirror. I got tears in my eyes and said “I feel like ‘me’ again”. And, I have to tell you – it’s easy to get used to people telling you how good you look. Over the past 6 days, the adjective that has been used to describe the new look is “sassy”. So, William nailed it. Sassy it is.


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