Someday, I’ll be a senior

Sunday night, Jake had his final choir concert of the year.  They spent a good amount of time honoring the seniors, which always makes me weepy.  It’s a combination of realizing that although Jake is only 8 – 10 years goes by fast – and remembering my own senior year.  It’s amazing.  I have very few memories of my childhood and it’s hard for me to remember what I had for lunch yesterday, but those last couple of months before I graduated are permanently etched into my mind.  Not only do I remember the events like they were yesterday, I remember the feeling I had as I was going through them.  Excitement about the future and yet, I really had no idea how much I had to look forward to. 

For the first time ever, the Olympia Youth Chorus had a Men’s Ensemble (for changed voices)  this year and at the concert, the younger boys got to perform a piece with the older boys.  Jake loved singing with them and there really is nothing more precious than seeing the older and younger kids together.  Jake had two things to say after the concert that night:

  1. When is my voice going to change?
  2. Someday I’ll be a senior.

Letting them grow up is probably the hardest part about being a mom. 






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