The first day of school never gets easier for mom….

I had an eventful weekend exploring more of the area, but today is the first day of school and I can’t really think about anything else. I found a blog post from his first day of 2nd grade. It pretty much says it all, so there’s no need to rewrite:

I remember the first day of preschool like it was yesterday – Jake was not worried at all about being left for a couple of hours. He even told me that he wanted me to go. Kindergarten came and as I watched him get situatied in his classroom, the tears started to come and I thought that surely it would be easier next year. In first grade, I managed to hold back the tears until I got to my car. Surely, next year will not be so hard. Today, I put him on the bus after he insisted that I not take him to school because he is “too big”. Noting the disappointment on his face when he saw a new bus driver and hardly any kids on the bus, I wanted to follow the bus to school and give him another hug before he went in the building. I didn’t. Instead, I’ve been sitting here looking at pictures with a knot in my stomach all morning. I’ve even found a reason to email his teacher and it’s not even 11am yet. I realize now that each year will not get easier. In fact, as he edges his way toward adulthood, it is going to get harder. He’s an only child and I’ve only got one shot at this whole deal. Adding to the emotions is the fact that 8 years ago, it was uncertain that he would ever even go to school…so each milestone is that much more precious. I am greatful though…that I learned so early on to treasure every single moment. As I sit here in this quiet house, counting the time down until the bus comes to drop him off, I am happy for him. He loves school and was looking forward to being with his friends. I just wish it wasn’t so hard to let him grow up.

-September 4, 2007


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