Lord, what fools these mortals be!

At my husband’s previous job, they made a big deal out of “Take Your Child to Work Day”.  So, Jake asked a couple of weeks ago if he could come with one of us to work.  I explained that his dad’s new job didn’t really do anything special and that he’d be bored stiff at my job.  Although I do have a bunch of filing that needs done and if he really wanted to, I would put him to work.  He thought for about .08 seconds and said no thanks.  Then, he sat up straight, eyes wide and smiling big and said “Can’t you just work from home that day?”

Nice try, Eddie Haskell.

It reminded me of a situation a few years ago when I did work from home.  Jake had come home from school and I told him that he needed to practice the piano. From upstairs, I could hear the piano playing and was really proud of how much time he was spending on it that day.  I went downstairs to tell him that and found him laying on the floor watching cartoons while our digital piano played his pieces over and over — with mistakes and corrections and all.

These are just a couple of reasons why I was not surprised at all when he was cast as Puck in the school play.  Child was born to play Puck.  He made another feeble attempt this morning at trying to convince me to take him to work.  When I told him that would include making lunches, he decided he would just go to school. 

And, then he walked off without his lunch.

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