10,000 words

It’s been said that people have at least 10,000 words they have to get out every day.  Actually, I think that may actually be the number attributed to men.  Women have more like 20,000.  Twelve year olds have 100,000.

My husband and I joke sometimes that I must not have gotten my 10,000 words out some days because from the minute he walks in the door, I talk non-stop.  This is generally because these days, when so much of my work is accomplished by email, I don’t really get that many words out when I’m at work.  I’m not a chit-chatter at work…I don’t have time for it.  I work an abbreviated schedule, so I am constantly trying to get 8 hours of work done in 6 hours.  I can’t waste time talking about how big Jessica Simpson got during her pregnancy.  Occasionally, when my “ears gets tired” (the nice way that we ask Jake to just stop talking for 5 seconds), I will have a melt down and blurt out something along the lines of  “I hope you all gain 100 pounds when you get pregnant”.  Stuff like that usually  shuts everyone up and I can get back to work.  I know they are all then emailing each other that I am a lunatic, but I’m okay with that.  Someday, when they are 41 and the “old person” in the office, they will understand.

This morning, I was talking to Lloyd about something that was bugging me (shocking, I know).  He patiently listened as he shaved and when I was finished, he just looked at me from the mirror.  Then I said, “I know…you’re right”.

So, we have made it to the point where we no longer finish each others sentences, we just read each other’s mind instead.  Then he remarked that this is why old men don’t talk.  They don’t have to.

It’s also why women blog.  The words MUST.  GET.  OUT.





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