Beachbody Ultimate Reset – Day 5

I went to bed last night at 9:30 — at least an hour and a half earlier than normal.  I slept well, although did have very vivid dreams.  As I think about it, I’ve had a lot of vivid dreams this week.  When I was first reading the materials from this program, I noticed how much they focused on the emotional changes.  One paragraph in the book says:

It’s not unusual during the Reset to find yourself experiencing feeling, memories, or sensations from past relationships or earlier periods of your life.  Somehow, clearing the blockages from within your body has a way of freeing up your emotions, too.

I’ll be honest and say that I rolled my eyes a bit when I read this.  It sounded pretty “out there” to me.  But as I reflect on the dreams I’ve had this week, I can see how this is playing out for me.  I rarely remember my dreams.  Not only do I remember them, they have featured people and themes that I have long since buried.  I have always thought that I am pretty good at processing my emotions, but there are clearly issues that are coming to the surface — or at least my subconsious — that I have not dealt with.  I haven’t found myself being overly emotional about these things, but it has allowed me to recognize that they’ve been taking up space in my brain and my heart and that now is the time to let them go.  The way that I personally work through this is to talk to God and pray about these things.  This has been a totally unexpected byproduct of this process.  But, it somehow is validating it for me.  Not that I thought it was a scam at all — just that I haven’t had a lot of the other physical side effects that others have talked about and I really did begin to wonder if this was doing anything at all.

My son was sick today and I stayed home with him.  In the past, I would have taken the opportunity to just vedge on the couch with him.  Instead, I noticed much more energy.  This, despite the fact that I feel like I am coming down with something too.  My throat is sore and I’m coughing more than usual.  I am really afraid of getting sick again, but am hopeful that the changes I have made have strengthened my immune system.

I followed the day’s menu except that I messed up dinner.  I turned to the wrong page and wound up eating Day 7’s dinner instead of Day 5.  I don’t think it matters much and I did discover that I do NOT want to have the tempeh for breakfast tomorrow morning.  It was fine, but not my idea of breakfast food (no, not even if there are avocados on the side).  So, I’ll probably have oatmeal again.

As I get more comfortable with meal planning and organizing, I’m going to focus on some of the other things that are talked about in the materials — deep breathing (which I tried the night I couldn’t sleep and it did help), taking baths and generally paying more attention to things other than what my next meal is going to be!

I did my grocery shopping (online) for Phase 2 today as well.  It will be delivered Saturday morning.  I am loving not going to the grocery store!

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