Beachbody Ultimate Reset – Day 6

Oh, Day 6.  I’m not sure what to say about Day 6 because I don’t know how much of what I experienced was Reset related or not.  My throat started to get sore yesterday and my son was running a fever.  I took him to the doctor and they ran a strep test…which was negative.  But, I knew that something was going on and I hoped it was just a cold.  This morning, we both woke up with low-grade fevers and achy bodies.  I ended up taking him back to the Dr. and this time they did a flu test, which was positive.  I could have told them that yesterday, but I’m not a doctor.  Unfortunately, everyone seems to have the flu and no pharmacy in a sane driving distance has Tamiflu on hand.  Our pediatrician suggested Elderberry extract.  Apparently, during the H1N1 outbreak several years ago, a study was done that showed Elderberry to have the same results as Tamiflu in reducing symptoms and shortening the length of the flu.  As we were leaving the peds office, he looked at me and said “You might want to take it, too”.  *sigh*

I continued to be achy and run a low-grade fever.  My alarm systems are going off, my nose is stuffy and throat is sore and I really just wanted to sit down with a carton of ice cream and feel sorry for myself.  Pneumonia and the flu in one season is the pits.

I did not succumb to the ice cream though and realized that the nutritional value in the foods I’m currently eating, as well as in the supplements, are probably my greatest weapon against this most current illness.  So, I soldiered on.

Like I mentioned yesterday, the Baked Tempeh for breakfast just did not sound appetizing.  So, I substituted Day 2’s breakfast of oatmeal, berries and yogurt.  This time I used Grade B maple syrup as my sweetener and preferred that to honey.  You would think that Grade B would be *less* nutritionally dense, but it turns out it has more nutrients…and is very tasty.  Lunch was the quinoa salad and my favorite, the Microgreen salad.  I really could eat that salad every day.  Dinner took a little more time and I almost gave up in the middle of it, but I was SO glad I didn’t the Roasted Rood Medley was fantastic with the Toasted Millet.  I mentioned earlier that I’m not a fan of millet, but I found it to be really good.  But, the real gem was the Zucchini-Cashew soup.  It is hands down my favorite recipe of the week.  I love cashews, but honestly, this soup sounded rather disgusting to me.  It was fantastic.  I was SO happy to see that it was on the menu for Day 7’s lunch.  You might want to make a double batch because of it, but I’m opting to just make it again tomorrow.  My only complaint about the dinner menu is the Toasted Millet recipe makes 7 servings and the guide tells you to have one serving, but doesn’t tell you how much that is.  I’m not a math whiz, so I just eyeballed it and went with a 1/2 cup.

I did not drink enough water today and I also broke down and had a cup of decaf coffee this morning because I felt so crummy.  There is something comforting about a cup of coffee for me.  I know that regular is probably better than decaf because the decaffeination process can include Methylene Chloride, but the particular brand I have is Newman’s Own so I went out on a limb and assumed that they might use a different process (although I did not look it up).

I know that many people report having flu-like symptoms at this stage in the Reset, but given that there is someone in my house with the actual flu, it’s hard to say.  Tomorrow will probably tell me more.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset – Day 5

I went to bed last night at 9:30 — at least an hour and a half earlier than normal.  I slept well, although did have very vivid dreams.  As I think about it, I’ve had a lot of vivid dreams this week.  When I was first reading the materials from this program, I noticed how much they focused on the emotional changes.  One paragraph in the book says:

It’s not unusual during the Reset to find yourself experiencing feeling, memories, or sensations from past relationships or earlier periods of your life.  Somehow, clearing the blockages from within your body has a way of freeing up your emotions, too.

I’ll be honest and say that I rolled my eyes a bit when I read this.  It sounded pretty “out there” to me.  But as I reflect on the dreams I’ve had this week, I can see how this is playing out for me.  I rarely remember my dreams.  Not only do I remember them, they have featured people and themes that I have long since buried.  I have always thought that I am pretty good at processing my emotions, but there are clearly issues that are coming to the surface — or at least my subconsious — that I have not dealt with.  I haven’t found myself being overly emotional about these things, but it has allowed me to recognize that they’ve been taking up space in my brain and my heart and that now is the time to let them go.  The way that I personally work through this is to talk to God and pray about these things.  This has been a totally unexpected byproduct of this process.  But, it somehow is validating it for me.  Not that I thought it was a scam at all — just that I haven’t had a lot of the other physical side effects that others have talked about and I really did begin to wonder if this was doing anything at all.

My son was sick today and I stayed home with him.  In the past, I would have taken the opportunity to just vedge on the couch with him.  Instead, I noticed much more energy.  This, despite the fact that I feel like I am coming down with something too.  My throat is sore and I’m coughing more than usual.  I am really afraid of getting sick again, but am hopeful that the changes I have made have strengthened my immune system.

I followed the day’s menu except that I messed up dinner.  I turned to the wrong page and wound up eating Day 7’s dinner instead of Day 5.  I don’t think it matters much and I did discover that I do NOT want to have the tempeh for breakfast tomorrow morning.  It was fine, but not my idea of breakfast food (no, not even if there are avocados on the side).  So, I’ll probably have oatmeal again.

As I get more comfortable with meal planning and organizing, I’m going to focus on some of the other things that are talked about in the materials — deep breathing (which I tried the night I couldn’t sleep and it did help), taking baths and generally paying more attention to things other than what my next meal is going to be!

I did my grocery shopping (online) for Phase 2 today as well.  It will be delivered Saturday morning.  I am loving not going to the grocery store!

Beachbody Ultimate Reset – Day 4

I did not get a good night’s sleep.  I don’t know why, as I have slept well the entire time we’ve been on vacation.  It took a long time to get to sleep and then I woke up thinking that surely it was about time for the alarm to go off.  It was only 4am.  My husband set his alarm at 5am in order to get his P90X workout in before work and when his alarm went off, I had just drifted back to sleep.  I tossed and turned for about an hour before I got up.  Physically, I feel really good.  And, while I was tired, I was not as tired as I thought I should have been with little more than 5 hours of fitful sleep.  I was able to make all of our lunches and get out the door on time — a major accomplishment for me as usually I am dragging in the morning.

I took my supplements around 6:30 and ate a piece of toast before I left the house.  I took the rest of my breakfast with me — about a cup of green grapes (which seriously tasted like candy to me this morning) which I ate in the car. I ate my 1/2 cup of yogurt, this time sweetened with maple syrup, and blueberries when I got to the office. So, it took me about 1-1/2 hours to eat breakfast.  My lunch consisted of the last roll from dinner last night and microgreen salad.  Since I never made the Lime Lentil Salad, I couldn’t have that for lunch, so I just added the nuts back into my microgreen salad.  I had to set my alarm on my phone to make sure I got my supplements in on time, but I managed to stay on schedule.  My take on commercial real estate nyc:  yuck.  It was fantastic last night, but I just don’t think it keeps well.  It was fine, but I won’t do leftovers of that again.  I’ve still been doing the Alkanalize as a 2-3 ounce shot.  The taste has grown on me a little.  Or, it’s probably better to say that I don’t find it as gross.

Dinner was supposed to be stir-fried veggies, but I still had the leftover beans and rice from Day 2, so I ate that.  There wasn’t enough for my family so I made spaghetti for them.  This was really the first night that I made two meals and it was my choice to do so (I really just wanted guacamole again).  As I was cooking the ground beef, it smelled really good and I wanted to take a big bite.  Actually, to be more precise, I really wanted to just get a fork and eat the whole skillet full.  I mentioned before that I have been vegetarian and vegan in the past, but I have always loved red meat.  I come from a family of cattle ranchers, so I think it must just be in my DNA.  It occured to me that today was the first day I’ve really had any cravings.  It wasn’t that I was hungry…just wanted something.  After dinner, my son asked for some eggnog.  I love eggnog.  It damn near killed me to pour him an eggnog/sprite treat and not take a sip.  But, I didn’t.  In “real life” I think it’s fine to take a bite of something that you want, but when I’m working so hard on this, I’m just not going to do it.  That’s just part of my personality, I guess.  When I decide to do something, I give it 110%.

Still no negative “side effects” that I have read about in other people’s blogs.  For that I am grateful, but I do hope that something positive is happening.  I haven’t been back on the scale as I’m not really doing this to lose weight, per se.  That is the ultimate goal, but right now I just want to get my body fine tuned so that it is ready to lose weight, both physically and mentally. Tomorrow is Day 5 — which I have heard is the “worst”.

Tonight I plan to go to bed early and (hopefully) get a good night’s sleep.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset, Day 3

I slept til 9:30 this morning.  Didn’t get out of bed til 10…but when I did, I felt really good.  My legs are a little sore.  I’m not sure if this is BUR related or 5k related.  Normally, I would not expect a 45 minute walk to make me sore, but this was the first real exercise I’ve had post-pneumonia, so it very well could be the cause.  But, I’ve also read about others experiencing soreness in muscles around this time, so it could be that, too.  I kind of wish I had skipped the 5k so that I would know for sure.

I don’t feel as tired today, but still glad it’s a day off.  I made my eggs, toast and spinach as per the meal plan.  This time, I sauted the spinach with the eggs and I think it was better than having them separate.  The toast was more palatable than it was on Day 1….I felt like it needed something…you know, butter, jam, honey…something, but today I could really taste it.  I also used the Himalayan Salt on the eggs.  I have done a little reading about the Himalayan Salt to find out what is so special about it.  Apparently, the table salt that we normally use has been processed to death, so that it doesn’t contain any of the minerals that actually make salt good for our bodies.  Turns out, the mineralize is just that — Himalayan salt.  I haven’t noticed it making the water taste salty, but I guess that’s why you just put in a pinch.  I plan to pitch any of the salt we have in the house and use this exclusively now.

I ran some errands this afternoon and got off schedule again. By the time I got home, the idea of making the Lime Lentil Salad was daunting, so I just had the Microgreen Salad again.  This wasn’t really substituting, as it was on the menu anyway.  I just added back in the cashews.  Still delicious.

Almost immediately after eating lunch (at 3pm), I started prepping for the Nori Rolls as I’ve seen several people talk about how long it takes to make them.  I have never made sushi rolls before and I thought it was kind of fun.  I made four rolls:  one for me, two for my husband and one for tomorrow’s lunch (hint:  always look ahead and see what the next day’s menu is because you may need to double up a recipe).  The miso soup was really easy to make and I didn’t make the Cucumber Salad out of pure laziness.  Instead, I just chopped up a cucumber to go with my roll.  I was impressed with how tasty the rolls are.  I am a bacon purist, so the fact that the smokey tempeh is also referred to as “fakin bacon” did not make me want to eat it.  But the smoky flavor gave the rolls a lot of flavor.  And, of course, I was excited about avocado again.  Even my husband thought it was good….and he’s pretty picky.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I weighed in yesterday.  I don’t plan to weigh every day, but I was curious.  I had lost 5 pounds!  Of course, I know this is not 5 pounds of fat….but I do take it as proof that I needed a detox.

I struggled with water today and had a little bit of a headache because of it, I think.  Speaking of headaches, I think that the Oxygenize related headaches have subsided.  The Alkanalize is still gross, but at this point, I’m just telling myself that it’s only 3 weeks.

So far, none of the scary side effects that I’ve heard of.  Honestly, this has been pretty easy so far.  I think it’s because I have had a pretty healthy diet this past year.  My sugar and caffeine intakes have been limited, so that may be why.  Either that or I’m doing things wrong — although I’m following things very closely!

Back to work tomorrow.  We’ll see how things go once we are in a busier routine.  I’ve been fairly lax and I think that I’ll have to plan better from here on out.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset, Day 2

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good.  It is New Year’s Eve and we all slept in til about 9am.  I took my morning supplements, this time taking the Oxyginize orally…I just dropped about 12 drops on my tongue.  It’s a little salty, but easy to stomach.  I did notice that I got an almost immediate, dull headache that lasted a couple of hours.  I think it must have been due to the Oxyginize becacuse if you think about it, you’re giving yourself a shot of pure oxygen.  I wasn’t too bothered by it though.

While I waited the 30 minutes to eat breakfast, I looked over my lunch (Greek Salad with Chicken Breast and Pine Nuts) and decided to ditch it in favor of the Microgreen Salad from Day 1.  I know, I know…I said I wasn’t going to substitute.  But, it was a logistical issue.  We were going to a New Year’s Eve Run and needed to leave the house at 11:30.  I didn’t want to have to cook the chicken (which I don’t really care for anyway) and I already had leftover salad from yesterday.  So, that’s that.  Breakfast was good, and easy to make.  I used honey in my plain yogurt and was blown away at how good it was!

Lunch was on the go because we spent too much time browsing  I did the 5k with my son, but walked most of it because Beachbody really doesn’t recommend exercise that raises your heart rate.  The reasoning behind this is that your body is using a lot of energy to support the detoxification that’s going on inside.  Strenuous exercise forces your body to redirect that energy, which is counter-productive.  Also, the meals–while nutritious–do not provide enough calories to support your body during exercise.  I admit that I did run a bit…but only because I didn’t want to finish with the back of the pack.  That’s just a pride issue.  A hilarious side note is that I finished only 2 minutes ahead of my husband, who was running the 10k.  Did I mention he runs marathons in his free time?

My schedule got a little screwed up after that.  The run was at 1, so it was after 2 by the time I was able to take my supplements and then I didn’t finish my DELICIOUS salad until almost 3.  Being New Year’s Eve though, I knew we’d be staying up late, so I didn’t sweat it too much.

Alkanalize was gross again.  This time, I mixed it in a glass with only about 3 ounces of water and took it like a shot.  But, it didn’t mix up very well and left a good deal of it in the bottom of the glass.  Still need to work on that one.

Dinner was PHENOMENAL.  I had been looking forward to it all day.  Actually, it was the guacamole that I was looking forward to.  I think avocados are the world’s perfect food.  I discovered Wholly Guacamole a while back and this time, I bought it in the single serving packets.  It’s a little more expensive that way, but easy to transport if you need to and it’s perfectly measured, so I’m not tempted to have just a “little more”.  The black beans and rice with the corn and salsa was just so tasty.  I made a double batch because I knew I would want it another time this week.

We were out an about a good portion of the day.  We had opted to have a quiet family night at home instead of trying to go out.  We had dinner, played a game of Words with Friends and then settled in to watch Doctor Who, which I slept through.  It was deep sleep, complete with dreams as my husband and son watched several episodes.  They woke me up at 11 to ring in the new year and I was asleep again by about 1am.

So far so good…but I am starting to dread days 3-5.  I’ve heard a lot about those being the worst days and I’m grateful that tomorrow is a holiday and I don’t have to go to work.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset – Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of Beachbody Ultimate Reset.  Day 1 is actually just the day I started the reset….the preperation started several days before.  Since it’s a 21 day program, and my birthday is January 21, I decided to start on Dec 30, so that I would be finished in time for my birthday so that I could indulge on that day.  In retrospect, that kind of thinking is exactly why I have battled my weight for all these years.  Yes, this is a 21 day program, but I believe that it’s really designed to change your relationship with food and your whole mindset about what you put in your body.  There’s no sense in doing this for 3 weeks only to go back to unhealthy ways.  And, now that I’m actually 5 days in, I am re-thinking what my choices will be on my birthday.  I still plan to go to my favorite restaurant but what (and how much) I eat and drink might be different that it would have been a few weeks ago.

Since I decided on Dec 30th and I knew that I would not be returning from our Christmas vacation until Dec 29th, I went online and did all of my grocery shopping so that it would be delivered in the morning on Dec 30th.  It was a brilliant idea, if I do say so myself.  Also, if you are unfamiliar with some of the ingredients, you won’t spend hours going up and down the aisles trying to find what you need.  I used Peapod delivery and they did not have everything I needed anyway.  Things like miso paste and smoky tempeh strips are available on though so it’s easy to order from them (especially if you have a prime membership, which I highly recommend).  I also made a trip to Whole Foods to get some things in bulk that I didn’t want to have an entire box of — things like millet, for instance.  I don’t particularly enjoy millet, but I’m committed to trying all of these recipes, so I bought it in a small quantity.  If you have a Whole Foods though, you can literally buy everything on the BUR shopping list there.  If you are unfamiliar with some of the items, just ask someone for help.  They are so nice in there and will even give you recommendations about different brands.

Speaking of the BUR shopping list, if you are not using the online tool at, you definitely need to aquaint yourself with it!  I wish it was a little more interactive — for instance, I’d like to be able to log my food, water, supplements and sleep from there, but maybe that will come eventually (hint, hint…).  Anyway, it’s nice because you can print out out a shopping list for each week, or Phase as the plan calls it. Also, from there you can sign up for a daily email that will send you your daily plan each morning.  I wish I had known about this because it asks you your start date but won’t let you use the current date, or any date before it to start.  I did sign up just to see what it was like — and it is great — but it’s a day behind for me so it’s rather useless.  Hopefully, they will fix that as well.

Okay, so Day 1.  It was really pretty un-eventful.  The food was very good — I really enjoyed the breakfast, which was a simple meal of eggs, whole grain toast and spinach.  The plan calls for kale or spinach.  I am a huge fan of kale’s nutritional value, and I use it regularly in smoothies, but I do not really like it steamed.  Spinach is a fine substitute and has phenomenal nutritional qualities as well, so I did not feel bad making a substitution right off the bat.

Speaking of substitutions….I did make a commitment to try all of the meals.  However, I did discover, from reading the official Facebook support page, that you can substitute any like meal in a given phase.  For example, if you hate eggs, you could substitute the oatmeal breakfast from Day 2 on Day 1 — or any other day in that Phase.  You can’t take a breakfast from Phase 2 and put it in Phase 1 or 3.  The exceptions are with animal proteins…you can’t have the salmon or chicken more than once during the week.  And, I’m not sure about the official stance on eggs, but I would think that you wouldn’t want to have them more than the two times that they are on the menu in Phase 1 (Day 1 & 3).  And since the idea is to slowly wean your body off of animal proteins, my sense is that you probably don’t want to have eggs on Day 6.  The bottom line is that while they recommend, and I strongly encourage, you to stick with the menu, there is some flexibility if you need it.  Also, you might think you don’t like something that turns out to be really tasty.  As you cleanse your palate, the foods will begin to really burst with flavor.

Lunch on Day 1 was AMAZING.  The Microgreen Salad is so good, and I generally hate making salads because they never taste as good as they do when someone else makes them.  Not this one!  I used cashews, which I LOVE, and it was a real treat.  There are 3 salad dressings that you can make that are in the recipe section of the book.  I made a batch of the Creamy Garlic, because it sounded amazing…and it is.  I also finally had a use for the Pampered Chef salad dressing shaker thingy that I bought a LONG time ago.  It will be getting regular use now.  The best part?  I discovered jicama.  I’ve had it before…in sushi I think, but I would never have bought it, much less put it in salad.  I’ll never make a salad without it again.  It is crunchy, giving the salad some texture and a little sweet which adds interesting flavor.  Also, it’s prounounced with an H sound, not a hard J….hi-ka-ma.  You’re welcome.

Dinner was great, too.  My whole family was thrilled to have salmon.  Living in the Pacific Northwest off an on for 20 years, I’m pretty picky about salmon.  If you don’t like salmon, it’s probably because you are eating farm raised, color added,  Atlantic salmon.  Don’t. It is generally mushy and has no flavor.  It also has added color, which is gross. Food doesn’t need to have color added to it unless you’re making green eggs and ham for your kid on Dr. Suess’s birthday.  The best salmon on the planet is Copper River Salmon.  But, you can only get it fresh for a few weeks in the summer…and it can be expensive.  But, look for fresh, wild NO COLOR added salmon like Alaskan Sockeye, Pacific King or Alaskan Silver.  Being on the East Coast now, it seems that Sockeye is what most markets stock.  I try to buy fish that is sustainably harvested as well, but that’s probably another issue for another blogpost.  The point is, buy good salmon.  You won’t regret it.  And, a serving is only 6 ounces, so you don’t have to spend and arm and a leg on it.

I guess I kind of got on a soapbox there, but I really believe that if you are eating quality food, you will be more satisfied.  And, you can’t properly detox if your food has random additives.

On to the supplements.  In Phase 1, you’ll be Mineralizing, Oxygenizing, Optimizing and Alkalinizing.  On day 1, I put the Oxygenize drops in my water, along with the “pinch” of Mineralize.  I mixed the Alkalinize in with about 6 ounces of water.  I’m not gonna lie…it’s gross.  It tastes like seaweed.  I don’t hate seaweed, but I don’t really want to drink it.  I’ve got to figure out a different way to do it.

I did not have a snack on Day 1.  It’s optional and I wasn’t hungry.

The only thing I’ll say about Day 1 that was sort of different is that I was SUPER tired.  Like exhausted, can’t-keep-my-eyes-open tired.  But, I had just returned from a week long trip to the West Coast where we were busy all day every day.  The three hour time difference kills me, too.  I also gave up the one or two cups of coffee that I normally have, so it seems like it was more of a combination of factors that led to the extreme fatigue.

So far, so good.  Bring on Day 2.