Beachbody Ultimate Reset, Day 3

I slept til 9:30 this morning.  Didn’t get out of bed til 10…but when I did, I felt really good.  My legs are a little sore.  I’m not sure if this is BUR related or 5k related.  Normally, I would not expect a 45 minute walk to make me sore, but this was the first real exercise I’ve had post-pneumonia, so it very well could be the cause.  But, I’ve also read about others experiencing soreness in muscles around this time, so it could be that, too.  I kind of wish I had skipped the 5k so that I would know for sure.

I don’t feel as tired today, but still glad it’s a day off.  I made my eggs, toast and spinach as per the meal plan.  This time, I sauted the spinach with the eggs and I think it was better than having them separate.  The toast was more palatable than it was on Day 1….I felt like it needed something…you know, butter, jam, honey…something, but today I could really taste it.  I also used the Himalayan Salt on the eggs.  I have done a little reading about the Himalayan Salt to find out what is so special about it.  Apparently, the table salt that we normally use has been processed to death, so that it doesn’t contain any of the minerals that actually make salt good for our bodies.  Turns out, the mineralize is just that — Himalayan salt.  I haven’t noticed it making the water taste salty, but I guess that’s why you just put in a pinch.  I plan to pitch any of the salt we have in the house and use this exclusively now.

I ran some errands this afternoon and got off schedule again. By the time I got home, the idea of making the Lime Lentil Salad was daunting, so I just had the Microgreen Salad again.  This wasn’t really substituting, as it was on the menu anyway.  I just added back in the cashews.  Still delicious.

Almost immediately after eating lunch (at 3pm), I started prepping for the Nori Rolls as I’ve seen several people talk about how long it takes to make them.  I have never made sushi rolls before and I thought it was kind of fun.  I made four rolls:  one for me, two for my husband and one for tomorrow’s lunch (hint:  always look ahead and see what the next day’s menu is because you may need to double up a recipe).  The miso soup was really easy to make and I didn’t make the Cucumber Salad out of pure laziness.  Instead, I just chopped up a cucumber to go with my roll.  I was impressed with how tasty the rolls are.  I am a bacon purist, so the fact that the smokey tempeh is also referred to as “fakin bacon” did not make me want to eat it.  But the smoky flavor gave the rolls a lot of flavor.  And, of course, I was excited about avocado again.  Even my husband thought it was good….and he’s pretty picky.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I weighed in yesterday.  I don’t plan to weigh every day, but I was curious.  I had lost 5 pounds!  Of course, I know this is not 5 pounds of fat….but I do take it as proof that I needed a detox.

I struggled with water today and had a little bit of a headache because of it, I think.  Speaking of headaches, I think that the Oxygenize related headaches have subsided.  The Alkanalize is still gross, but at this point, I’m just telling myself that it’s only 3 weeks.

So far, none of the scary side effects that I’ve heard of.  Honestly, this has been pretty easy so far.  I think it’s because I have had a pretty healthy diet this past year.  My sugar and caffeine intakes have been limited, so that may be why.  Either that or I’m doing things wrong — although I’m following things very closely!

Back to work tomorrow.  We’ll see how things go once we are in a busier routine.  I’ve been fairly lax and I think that I’ll have to plan better from here on out.

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